Kufri Bahar Potato

Kufri Bahar is a premium variety of potato, celebrated for its high yield and excellent culinary qualities. Widely favored by chefs and food enthusiasts, Kufri Bahar potatoes are perfect for a variety of dishes, from crispy fries to hearty mashed potatoes.

Key Features

High Yield

Known for its prolific yield, Kufri Bahar ensures a steady and abundant supply for your needs.

Superior Quality

With its uniform size and smooth texture, this potato variety stands out in both appearance and taste.

Versatile Usage

Ideal for frying, boiling, and baking, making it a versatile choice for diverse culinary applications.


Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, Kufri Bahar potatoes contribute to a nutritious diet.

Long Shelf Life

Excellent storage quality ensures freshness over an extended period.



Consistency in Cooking

Uniform cooking properties ensure that every dish turns out perfect, whether you are preparing a large batch of fries or a delicate potato gratin.


Enhanced Flavor

The rich, earthy taste of Kufri Bahar potatoes enhances the flavor profile of any dish.


Healthy Choice

Low in calories and high in fiber, these potatoes support a healthy lifestyle while adding a delicious element to your meals.


Sustainable Farming

Sourced from environmentally responsible farms, our Kufri Bahar potatoes support sustainable agricultural practices.

Ideal For


Wholesale Buyers

Reliable supply for large-scale operations such as restaurants, food processors, and retailers.



Quality-assured potatoes that meet international standards for export.


D2C Brands

Perfect for brands looking to offer high-quality potato products directly to consumers.

Packaging and Delivery

Our Kufri Bahar potatoes are available in various packaging options to suit your specific needs. We ensure timely and efficient delivery, maintaining the highest standards of quality and freshness.